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ARC: Control your schemes and costs

Simplify the complexity of pensions management with ARC-aid - our virtual pensions manager assistant.

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Pension Management Check Points

With ARC-tick you get to focus on what's important in Pension governance without having to know it all.

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Helping hand when Needed.

With 100+ pieces of Legislation in the last 5 years, how can you cope without some help?

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Too many Regulations?

Financial pressures on funding?

Spiralling Costs?

Uncertain responsibilities?

Uneasy conflicts?


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Much can be done to bring matters under control See Link

Employers concerned with spiralling costs, responsibilities and the growing number of regulations, including the new Auto En-rolement regieme can rely on ARC-aid to facilitate and coordinate even the most complex challenges and tasks.



ARC can help!



Too many daily problems?

Inefficient processes?

Unclear Management responsibility?

Concerns about funding  and costs?


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Simple procedural changes can make big differences See Link


Trustees can rest assured that their concerns around pensions governance, funding and costs are managed efficiently on a day to day basis. Management roles and responsibilities can be clearly defined and easily accessed when using the intuitive ARC-aid service.


ARC can help!

Pensions Managers

Pension Manager-s

Difficult to balance Trustees, Employers and Members?

Pensions not your only job?

Unclear boundaries?

Not always in the picture?



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Help is available to co-ordinate the many demands See Link

Balance the needs of Trustees, Employers and Members with the support of ARC-aid the virtual pensions management assistant. ARC-aid helps co-ordinate multiple activities and your governance needs, so you always have everything you need at the touch of a button.

ARC can help!

ARC Benefits online service ARC-aid the virtual pensions manager is designed by pension specialists for Pension Managers, Trustees and Employers to aid them in carrying out their respective responsibilities effectively and efficiently. ARC-aid is an intuitive daily desk aid designed to co-ordinate multiple activities and meetings and manage protocols, processes and policies.