Pensions Management Support




ARC Benefits has a wealth of experience to bring

to your pensions management challenges.




Experienced assistance for projects

Support for inexperienced or part time pensions managers

A systemised approach

Help with your day-to-day Pension Management processes


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Scheme Governance



Governance is not restricted to Investment but to each aspect of pension scheme operation. The sub contracting of work to agents does not alter responsibility. Those with legal responsibility need to demonstrate that appropriate steps have been taken to ensure reliability and efficiency.


Our Governance service offers an independent and supportive means of considering each topic logically to help you understand your current position and improve areas of weakness.


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Consultancy can fall into several categories.


Sometimes Trustees and Employers may need separate advice but it is always advisable to recognise and minimise conflicts of interests.


Whilst an Employer may seek one objective, the law and legal responsibilities may make this difficult to achieve. We offer independent advice.


It is very important for all involved to know the current starting point and processes, procedures and structures in place. Much time and expense can be saved by having in place readily accessible information to facilitate advice from a consistent knowledge base.


Some changes may require consultation with or notification to the Pensions Regulator, or consultation with members/employees.


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