Solutions - Pensions Management Support



Pensions Management can be deemed to be many things, but must include;


Understanding what is involved

Being clear on reporting lines and powers

Having a suitable support structure



Regardless of the scope, all aspects of pensions management should come together in a unified way. With that in mind, we have developed ARC-aid a 'virtual pensions manager' system that covers the many topics that comprise the operations of a pension scheme. ARC -aid is not an administration system for member benefits but a means of ensuring overall management control.


ARC-aid is wide in scope and you adopt those aspects best suited to your approach.


ARC -aid may be used to suit your organisational structure. This could be solely used by a pensions manager, or a selected group, or expanded to include:

· trustees,

· employer executives,

· employer departments,

· appointed agents


ARC Aid is structured in a way to address each topic in a controlled manner and ARC Benefits are able to provide pensions manager support to assist you in delivering an efficiently run pensions scheme.


Our Pensions Management service includes;

Experienced assistance for projects

Support for inexperienced or part time pensions managers

A systemised approach

Did You Know?

"1081/2 Tips to Tame Your Pensions Beastie" is a new book crammed full of pension management tips and comes recommended by a number of industry leading figures.


A valuable read that's well worth sharing with your Trustees!