Frequently Asked Questions



How soon can I have ARC-aid working for me?

Typically, ARC-aid can be up and running within two days.


Will someone train me on how to use the system and help get me started?

ARC will help you get started with initial training and will introduce you to the help facilities. Additional training is also available.


Do I have to use all the ARC-aid facilities from the start?

ARC-aid is an integrated service that enables you to decide who has access and which elements suit your operational approach. Users can have restrictions placed on the areas they are allowed to access as you decide.


How much new technology is required to take on the ARC Aid virtual pensions manager?

ARC-aid is designed to operate on standard Microsoft based platforms. As it is a hosted environment and access will be via your browser, whilst there may be some slight differences between browser types, the vast majority of users will be able to access the service without resorting to additional technology.


Am I restricted to access of the ARC Aid virtual pensions manager if I'm working overseas?

There are no overseas restrictions other than your ability to gain access to the internet from your location There may be times when the service is temporarily unavailable for routine maintenance.


Do I need much training?

ARC-aid has been designed to be intuitive and help and guidance is contained within your site.