Employer Issues



Work based Pension Schemes started  their lives as a choice made by the Employer to provide for employees in their old age. Complex legislation and development of pensions requirements have subsequently imposed considerable obligations on Employers  to support benefit provision far in excess of the original intent.


Nonetheless, with increasing pressures on individuals, the extent of pension provision is still very modest in many cases;  individuals and Employers are all faced with challenges. Trustees of pension schemes similarly have obligations, responsibilies and pressures.

The overall challenge is to find solutions that are fair and supportable by all parties.

What can you do?


The starting point is to understand where you are at the moment.


History has played a significant part in the build up of pensions. As Companies and Schemes have been sold, merged, transferred and  replaced, individuals may often be totally unaware of where any benefit is to be provided from. Trustees are only empowered to deal with the pension scheme they are responsible for and individuals falling outside of their scope fall into a void with uncertainty of whose problem this may be.


Sensible steps can be taken to understand;

- what schemes are in place,

- which categories of employees/ex employees are in them and

- who may have nothing in place.


With Auto-enrolement now upon us, it is even more essential that Employers have a clear grasp of their pension structures.


It is also well worth looking at contracts of employment to make sure no nasty surprises of incompatibility.


Starting this  process at a basic level initially will help  identify what may then need to be progressed further and where responsibility may lie.


Without clearly identifying responsibility, you can waste much time, effort and money and hinder progress.


ARC can help in a number of ways.


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